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Collection: Blackwing Pencils

In 2010, Blackwing found a home in the Palomino division of California Cedar Products Company, a leading supplier of wood for pencils. With pencil industry roots dating back to the mid 19th century, Cal Cedar has built a long tradition of excellence and unique supply relationships that now extend to the Palomino writing, arts and lifestyle products, the most famous of which are its Blackwing pencils.

When Cal Cedar introduced the Palomino graded range of premium pencils, many users began comparing their performance to that of the famous Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602 pencil, which had since been discontinued. Cal Cedar soon expanded its Palomino umbrella to revive the iconic Blackwing brand hoping to introduce it to a new generation of emerging artists. Blackwing products are now sold in nearly 500 stores worldwide.

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