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At SILVERCOCOON, we take a lifestyle approach to design and that means investing in our every day. We believe that the spaces we inhabit, the items we surround ourselves with, and the articles that we wear all have a profound impact on how we feel and how we feel about ourselves which in turn impacts the way we live our lives and engage in the world around us.

"Today is the best day of my life" is our motto - our mantra. Amidst the chaos and hurry and crazy that can define the modern lifestyle, we strive to take an extra moment to breathe-in the life around us, to pause and acknowledge the little things that make our lives special, and to intentionally be present in the everyday of our every day.

When it comes to jewelry, Tia designs grounded pieces that celebrate these lofty ideas. Full of color or subtly mono-toned, her work considers the practical demands of everyday jewelry: comfort, durability .... aesthetic presence. It is true, that a pair of earrings can make an outfit just as easily as they can make a day.

Make today the best day of your life!

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