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Bare Trees Hand-Crafted Candle by Tatine - Upstate MN


Bare Trees Hand-Crafted Candle by Tatine

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The Makers: This is Tatine, in a nutshell:

"INSPIRATION: Emotion, experiences, love, music, memories, travel, sensuality and moments captured, underlining life.

ATMOSPHERE: The crackle of a needle on a record, a warm candle flame. Storytelling through rock ‘n’ roll and mesmerizing fragrance blends.
JOY: joy  joi/  noun  // noun: joy; a feeling of great pleasure and happiness."

The Work: These candles are the real deal, made in small batches and hand poured in Chicago.  

Perfume and essential oils are blended into our GMO-free vegetable soy wax. FSC certified paper packaging is letterpress printed with vegetable based inks, to ensure your fragrant journey is a green one! 

Approximately a 16 hours burn time, and leaves a lovely subtlety when not burning.

notes; "Black night, moonlight; Wind sings in the cold light.

Woody base notes washed in white musk and cedarwood."

2 oz. soy votive

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