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MOUNTAIN HIKE Screenprint by Brainstorm - Upstate MN


MOUNTAIN HIKE Screenprint by Brainstorm

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The Maker: Briana and Jason started Brainstorm almost 10 years ago, built from their artistic passions and pure happiness in creating beautiful art. Their screenprints are all done by hand in an old mill in New Hampshire—neat, huh? They've been brainstorming since college, making bright and brainy prints (and goods) inspired by the things that make us feel truly human. You’ll find that all their works come from inspirations in astronomy, Earth science, geography, and the great outdoors.

The Work: A beautiful, 18 x 24" hand-screened print; a standard size for framing. Looks great in combination with the SKI HILL Screenprint. As is with all their prints, this one is signed.

Three color screenprint on 100 lb white stock.