Nocturne Hand-Poured Candle by Tatine

Nocturne Hand-Poured Candle by Tatine

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These candles totally ran me over when they came in. There is something deep hitting and beautiful about them. Magic, I tell you. Read the notes and brace yourself for these.

Evening scented blooms open to warm winds. The dark magic of burning woods and embers smoulder in the night sky. Black cardamom, herbal lime + orange blossom oil reveal the mystery of the velvet hour. 


/to perfume/ 


Perfumed interior fragrance. Mingling tradition with modern scent. A mixture of floral and oaken smoke reveals a spiritual and romantic harmony of aromas.


Four new mysterious and deeply romantic custom fragrances created from the ground up, based in the timeless, traditional roots of perfumery. 

The packaging design is inspired by an adoration of the Dada art movement. Antique copper and black foils are deeply impressioned into a slate gray cube box. With great attention to detail, there is a magical reveal when opening the box.

8 oz sueded dark brown glassware; approx. burn time 50 hours

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